Someone brings me to my fathom

When in love, my whole world seems like the most awesome place ever and everything feels brand new. The fever of being in-love is something that intoxicates everyone alike and you can never be the same after love has touched your heart once.  Just like me.

So when love takes control of your being, what better way to celebrate it than to surrender your heart to its magic and charm and tell your boyfriend how his love has changed you forever and ever. Amen.


 A man in disguise had shattered my whole being but


I can still have my memories back then. But I can’t, because all I can remember is how he remove my being me. But last night (March 12, 2015) as I never expected to be, he make me understand everything in 5 minutes minimal.

All I know is to crack jokes, to make people happy and bring stunned anecdotes. There was never a time that someone had decreased my level of hilarity and of course of my top-pest temperament. I just can’t deny the fact that I am born this way and yet of this, I am able to build the pyramid of my friends of friends.

Someone makes me untroubled and lighthearted as always and yet also someone who steals and pirates my guts. He is everything to me and yet on the day that with my over aerodynamic tease I was able to create obscurity of our relationship. He may be the best of all that time and how I wish we would save me but not; he just even washed his hands and join to a new world. I am all alone and just friends bringing me up to fight. I thought he was pathetically ill that time (not that I had expected).

Last night, the fresh and shivering breeze of the air has flew those bad memories inside me. Dining after care is what I am doing as always. Nighttime was nothing but in all on its best after my nap, got up, eat, do dining and film showing. I don’t know why but I think everything was planned already. After the movie we had, I had my final cleaning of the table. I never expected that he would even help in arranging the things. I keep on saying to him to let it be cared of to me but he says just okay for it was just a help for him. I was really on my shock since I will never never say something to him except of a joke for a reason. Then, I wonder why I was happy that time, I was unusual. Afterwards I got to the room for a sleep but then he was looking for his slippers outside the room. What had come to my mouth?  “Good night ****”. I can’t sleep of thinking things that life had gifted me to be more happy ever after. It was you who makes me to the fathom of my knowledge about love. I miss you.


About staciebeam

I am Stephen Ventura Vicente Cedullo Padilla. I am 17 years of age as of partaking WordPress as of my Auntie would have this site shared to me: "Very Nice", and so I do make a customized site too. I am currently working as a Data Entry Analyst in House of I.T., Cebu. Make a friend of me, I will not hesitate to have you a friend of me.

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