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This suppress all whereabouts my company and my professional being.

Being a scholar

I am not gifted financially but I am born gifted with the high mental capacity

Poverty is not a hindrance to success’, I, in fact believe.

As the only boy of the four siblings of a catechist mama and wood maker father, I did carry all the hard, harder and even the hardest explorations that leads me to my now.

I am Stephen Vicente Padilla, a legitimate residence of Brgy. Tapi, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. I has been sophisticated my education in grade and elementary school in my hometown. The secondary school (as our house as my first school) I had, taught me well and I have graduated with an honor for being an unfailing student. After which, my mama had a problem how to send me to high school for that’s all I certainly want and mama wouldn’t let us be dropped even just a year. My mama had a choice of involving to a bishop’s grant. My mama had me took the test for a scholarship which I have passed. The scholarship not knowing, is far from home; an island from my homeland. I had no choice on the list but to pursue high school far-off my family. On April 15, 2009, I have moved on to Cebu(a neighboring island) to study high school. It was the strange, unfamiliar and sad minutes of my life. A few weeks I had with all the tears missing mama, papa, siblings and my hometown. I don’t much have the audacity to communicate since their language poles apart from what I used too. That’s my first atmosphere in the Sisters of Mary School – Boystown  06-12-30_9695 located Tungkop, Minglanilla, Cebu. It was an academy supporting the underprivileged youth to pursue high school and be close to God. There I have given all the effort of studying, working, praying and of course playing. re_20130605_1561543047 Yet life is far from what I want, I want my family near me when I sleep, courage and perseverance was pushing me. I have launched a tree of friends up in there. I have some of them through my being a ‘joker’. The only thing I own is my being a ‘joker’, to conquer home-sickness and loneliness. sms_minglanilla_floresdemayo_01 I learned a lot from the competitive academy, I excel in school as to graduate with a credibility of  undertaking Welding and in Bread and Pastry Production as I have them on my NC II (National Certificate II). I also receive some honors in my post-secondary class as for upholding my high grades. It was an astounding story I had there, motivated as I have studied more exactly for 3 years and 8 months far from home with my mama not having a penny to my education(this is a big help to the family since the eldest sister is in college and my two younger sisters are having their high school too).

The academy then sets opportunities for us to continue college education. I have taken three scholarships, I have passed them all. Here comes college in quandary. I have passed my dream, the Nautical scholarship yet the family would not support me for the prerequisites are with high standard. Secondly is the IT course. Third is the Industrial Engineering option. I then have my way path to Information Technology. I have taken all the tests that the scholarship requires and here I started stimulating college life I had. Just May of 2012, I entered Passerelles Numeriques, PN_Logoa non-governmental organization (NGO) that trains disadvantaged youths to find qualified employments. PN_Philippines-960x313I had given the chance to achieve my dream of professionalism here and the success of being a college schoolboy.Sporst-Festival-2013 The organization links with the prestigious school in Cebu. The University of San Carlos University-of-San-Carlos-LogoUniversity_of_San_Carloshas been our university. The scholarship involves computer pursuits; either be a programmer or a network admin flath-departmentso school focuses more in laboratories. I took Computer Engineering as my forever course. Sometimes it’s stiff but trying to still have the finest project websites, with compatible data basing and designs. I then passed the First and the Second Semester of the scholarship with all the mini-theses of the university and the projects the professors had given us. The only veracity to keep hold of the scholarship is to keep an eye on the rules and regulations they implement; No relationship and no phones as their prime rules. As simple as it is for me as I am refining.

The Third and the last Semester the scholarship had us will be spent on the On-the-Job-Training (OJT) to their partner companies. I have tried three different companies as of the organization choices. Then I passed the two with the standards on their own yet I am not the one to choose, it’s in their end. With all the bloods, toils, tears and sweats I had for all of my life, here comes the triumph I had dreamt of before. I am currently having my OJT in the House of IT house_of_it_logoas a Computer Data Analyst – Quality AssuranceQuality-Assurance.

Good or bad I have taken and tasted life, I find it challenging yet fun.

God loves us all.

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